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What is Photo Cop?

Photo Cop catalogs the condition of your property at different points in time.

Evidence is stored in numbered files, allowing easy integration with your existing record-keeping system.

How does it work?

The Photo Cop homepage features a list of numbered files in reverse-chronological order.

Inside each file, you can add photos, notes, and give it a title.

How do I integrate Photo Cop into my existing record-keeping system?

While Photo Cop excels at organizing evidence on its own, it can also integrate with your existing record-keeping system quite easily.

Let's look at an example involving a landlord:

Attach the file number to your existing paperwork, like a rental agreement for unit three.

Take photos and leave notes as you do a walk thru. We'll keep track of who took each photo and when.

Now you can look at all rental agreements for unit three, check each file number, and prove when damage occurred.

What does it cost?

Photo Cop is FREE. You can create an unlimited number of networks and each one comes with unlimited photo storage.

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